Sonia Fulford

Sonia Fulford



Sonia Fulford, a former multi-sport athlete from the island of Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos Islands sought to contribute in the development of football in TCI by dedicating herself in the improvement of the Administration of the sport after her movement away from the playing field.  As such, she sought and was appointed to the post of General Secretary of the Turks & Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA) since April 2006.  July 22, 2014 has seen her elected as the first female President of the TCIFA.

Her passion and commitment for sports from a very young age has led to her appointment to leadership roles in sports development.  As a former Secretary and Chairman of the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Sports Commission, member of the TCIFA Executive Committee and Chairman of the first TCIFA Women’s Football Committee, working in these various field has served her well and has armed her with a solid infrastructure in the area of football administration. 

Her dedication and commitment to football administration has been recognized in that she was elected to the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Executive Committee in 2012 being the first female to hold that position.

She was welcomed into the highest ranks of football’s governing body on Friday, May 31, 2013 at the historic 63rd FIFA Congress in Mauritius when she was one of three women voted into the FIFA Executive Committee in a co-opted position, followed by her appointment to the CONCACAF Executive Committee on November 9, 2013, also in a co-opted position.

Sonia, being one of only two females of FIFA’s 209 members to hold the position as President of a Member Association, on yet another historic occasion, at the 30th Ordinary Congress of CONCACAF held on 16th April 2015, she was elected as the first female to hold an elected position on the CONCACAF Executive Committee.  On July 4, 2015 the CONCACAF ExCo voted to appoint her for a voting position on the FIFA Executive Committee.  She is the first female to hold a voting position on the FIFA ExCo that’s not designated for a female.  On 24th October 2015 she was the first of three recipients to be inducted into the Turks & Caicos Islands Sports Hall of Fame. Sonia’s most recent accomplishments were on 12th May 2016 when she was elected as the Female Member representative on the FIFA Council at the XXXI CONCACAF Ordinary Congress, and 27th October 2017 when she was appointed to the FIFA Foundation.

Additionally, Sonia has been selected by FIFA as a mentor of the first Leadership Development Programme, to mentor persons from a group of 30 mentees from all over the world.  She also serves on a number of FIFA Standing Committees.